6 Incredible Traditional Costumes Across the Globe

Clothing initially appeared as a necessity for the mankind to protect our bodies from direct exposure to many various factor. Ever since we grasped the concept as a whole, we started using attire in numerous different situations, ranging from the daily use and to using specific clothes in religious ceremonies and any other occasions that would require a unique approach.

Virtually all cultures boast their own unique sets of costumes, all packed with different symbols and meanings, which were gathered from the surrounding world and interpreted according to one’s belief system. We put together some of the most intricate traditional attires our planet has.


1. Myanmar

Originating from Mongolia, the Padaung people moved to Myanmar, close to the border of Thailand. Counting 50,000 individuals they live in several of villages, located in the jungle, around the Salween River.

What is curious about them is the unusual jewelry worn by women. At young age of 5 girls are fitted bronze rings around their necks. This is done as a sign of beauty and status, adding more rings narrows the collarbone and makes it look like part of the neck. The more rings there are, the higher the status each woman has within the tribe. However, the exact origin of the tradition is unclear.

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