10 Vegetables You Only Need to Buy Once, Then Regrow Forever

Every day, we throw out tons of scraps and leftovers without realizing that they can help us save a lot of money. Some of the herbs and vegetables that we use in the kitchen can actually be regrown completely free of charge.

Growing your own produce is an amazing idea not only for persons who want to be frugal. People who want to reduce carbon footprint or people who want to ensure that their food is free from harmful pesticides can also benefit from growing their own herbs and vegetables.

Here are some produce that you only have to buy once and regrow forever:

1. Garlic



Planting your own garlic is very easy! You can even do it indoors. To grow garlic inside your home, prepare a pot by filling it with potting soil. Plant three or four cloves and place the pot on a sunny window ledge. Water lightly. The garlic greens will grow in just seven to ten days.

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